Oral Cancer Foundation Partnership

Q-Optics is proud to announce our official Partnership with the Oral Cancer Foundation to increase oral cancer awareness and the importance of early detection through screening.

Q-Optics Prism Eclipse OCF Burgundy TTL LoupesOral Cancer Foundation logo

Oral cancer is not a rare disease. Each hour of every day, one American dies of the disease, and each day more than one hundred Americans are newly diagnosed. Oral cancer has always existed outside the consciousness of much of the public, even though approximately 46,000 Americans will be newly diagnosed with oral and oropharyngeal cancers this year alone. About 43% of those diagnosed will not survive more than five years. Awareness and early detection are the key to reducing this alarming statistic.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of any pair Q-Optics Loupes in the Eclipse OCF Burgundy color will be donated to the Oral Cancer Foundation. To Be Part of the Change™, take a brief moment to complete the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

For more information on oral cancer and it's prevention and treatment, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation website.