2.5x High Resolution Custom TTL Loupe

Available Frames

Available Colors

Custom TTL Features

Q-Optics uses only certified opticians to dispense all prescriptions. If you currently wear prescription glasses chair-side it is recommended by our staff opticians that you wear your prescription with the loupes. A copy of a valid prescription must be submitted with all orders. Q-Optics fills single vision and bifocal lens prescriptions. All progressive lenses will be changed to flat-top bifocals.

Required Measurements

  1. A photocopy of your current prescription.
    All other traditional measurements such as pupil distance, seg height, etc. are handled by our TrueFit measurement system.

Prescription Costs

  • $100 for Single Vision
  • $125 for Bifocal (ST-35 polycarbonate)
  • Prescriptions with a +/- 4 diopter can be filled by quotation only

Lens Materials

  • single vision and bifocal lenses are polycarbonate.

What's Included with your Custom TTL Loupes

Limited Manufacturers Warranty - Loupes

Q-Optics / Quality Aspirators guarantees material, construction, and design to be free of deficiencies from the time of first purchase.

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the loupe product. The warranty is not transferrable to any subsequent users or purchasers of the loupe product.

The warranty term is for the lifetime of the product for the following product attributes: Optical seals, Hinge breakage, Bond of telescopes to “Carrier Lenses”, “Carrier Lenses” against breakage, and Collimation.

The warranty term for Frames is determined by the frame type. Titanium frames are guaranteed for life. Plastic frames are guaranteed for 1 year from the time of first purchase. All frames do contain parts that are considered replaceable maintenance parts and are excluded from this warranty. These items include but are not limited to nose pads, saddles, and auxiliary items such as sport straps.

Defective units will be repaired or replaced by Q-Optics/Quality Aspirators or its authorized representative. Q-Optics has the sole and final decision in determining if a unit is defective or not and whether or not the unit will be repaired or replaced with similar equipment.

Units that are repaired or their replacement units do not receive any extended warranty. The final length of warranty even in the event of repair or replacement is the end of the term from the time of original purchase.

Mistreatment, misuse, neglect, tampering, personalization, or modification of the loupe product or frames voids all warranty rights. Manual instructions and warnings must be observed at all times.

For initiation of a warranty claim in the USA please contact:
Q-Optics/Quality Aspirators
1419 Godwin Ln
Duncanville, TX 75116

P 972-298-2669

support@q-optics.com or

Outside the USA – please contact your local distributor.

No changes may be made to this warranty without being first written, printed, and published by Quality Aspirators Inc.