Radiant™ Light System Cordless Headlight

The Radiant™ Cordless Headlight provides a lightweight, flexible design that adapts to most loupe frames available with an even distribution of weight.

Offering a consistant, uniform light within your work area over the runtime of each battery; the Cordless Light operates with one simple touch.



  • Brightness - Up to 1050 Foot Candles
  • Adapts to Fit Most Manufacturers' Loupes
  • 5+ Hours Run Time (2.5 hours per battery)
  • Capacitive Touch Control ON/OFF
  • Lightweight Design (28 grams)
  • Uniform, Round Spot and Illumination
  • Fast Charging USB-c (1 hour 45 min each)

*Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - Lights

What's Included