Radiant™ Headlight System

The Q-Optics Radiant™️ Headlight System provides lightweight, compact, precision illumination focused exactly where you need it and fits virtually all loupe frames available.

Clinic lights can often leave shadowing or dark areas where you need light most. The Radiant™️ Headlight provides a uniform, well-defined round spotlight in your field of view, covering the whole mouth, so no detail is missed.

With up to a 40 hour run-time, your light output will not diminish during use. Choose your own level of brightness to work with from multiple settings with precision intensity controls, which also help to conserve battery life. The large, centralized power button allows for an easy On/Off bump.

Radiant™ Headlight

  • Brightness - Up to 2500 Foot Candles
  • No Memory - Charge Anytime Battery Pack
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Precision Intensity Controls - saves battery life
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Slim, Small, and Super Light

What's Included

Q-Optics Mounts

Mounting Codes for All Loupe Types

Brand Flip-Up Custom TTL
Carl Zeiss M-CZ  
Designs for Vision   M-TTL
Heine M-CO  
Keeler M-KE  
Microsurgery Inst M-CO  
Orascoptic (before 2007) M-QF M-TTL
Orascoptic (2007 or after) M-OR M-TTL
Perioptics M-SV  
Sheervision M-SV M-TTL
Surgitel M-SU M-TTL


Mounts Without Magnification

Brand FlipCode
Safety Frames M-CO
Eyeglasses M-CO
Headbands M-HB


Limited Manufacturers Warranty - Lights

Quality Aspirators guarantees material, construction, and design to be free of deficiencies from the time of first purchase.

This warranty last 12 months from the time of purchase by the original purchaser. In the event of change of ownership from the original purchaser the warranty will last for the remainder of the 12 month period.

Defective units will be repaired or replaced by Quality Aspirators or its authorized representative. Q-Optics has the sole and final decision in determining if a unit is defective or not and whether or not the unit will be repaired or replaced with similar equipment.

Units that are repaired or their replacement units do not receive any extended warranty. The final length of warranty even in the event of repair or replacement is 12 months from the time of original purchase.

Batteries are an expendable part and are not considered defective by simply exhibiting diminished capacity. Batteries are under warranty for a period of 12 months from the time of original purchase.

Mistreatment, misuse, or tampering with the unit voids all warranty rights. Manual instructions and warnings must be observed at all times.

For initiation of a warranty claim in the USA please contact us as follows:


support@q-optics.com  or support@qualityaspirators.com

Our shipping address is:
Quality Aspirators / Q-Optics
1419 Godwin Ln
Duncanville, TX 75116

Outside the USA – please contact your local distributor.

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