Prescriptions and Laser

Q-Optics uses only certified opticians to dispense all prescriptions. If you currently wear prescription glasses chair-side it is recommended by our staff opticians that you wear your prescription with the loupes. A copy of a valid prescription must be submitted with all orders. Q-Optics fills single vision and bifocal lens prescriptions. All progressive lenses will be changed to flat-top bifocals.

Rx Insert on Eclipse frames

Required Measurements

  1. A photocopy of your current prescription.
    All other traditional measurements such as pupil distance, seg height, etc. are handled by our TrueFit measurement system.

Lens Materials

  • single vision and bifocal lenses are polycarbonate.

Rx Inserts

Rx Insert
Single Vision Rx Insert for Q-Optics Eclipse Frame

Rx Insert

Bifocal Rx Insert for Q-Optics Eclipse Frame

Laser Inserts