Your Q-Optics Prescription Insert

A prescription insert is a popular choice for contact lens wearers using the Eclipse Ti Frame, offering flexibility in day-to-day use.

Your Q-Optics Radiant Headlight System

Everything you need to know about your Radiant Headlight System from mounting it to your loupes to battery pack functions.

Your Q-Optics Radiant Cordless Headlight

Everything you need to know about your Radiant Cordless Headlight System from assembly and mounting, charging, operation, to cleaning.

Q-Optics Face Shield Assembly

Reusable, washable face shields from Q-Optics require some assembly upon receipt or upon the purchase of a refresh kit.

Cleaning and Storing Your Q-Optics Loupes

To take the best care of and preserve the longevity of your investment, it's best to follow proper cleaning and storing of your loupes.

Changing the Nose Pads on Your Q-Optics Loupes

Instructions on replacing old or worn out nose pads.

Installing and Removing Q-Optics Loupe Side Shields

With your Q-Optics Classic or Revival style frames, you will receive side shields to meet proper safety guidelines.

Using Your Suh-Hermsen Strap with Q-Optics Loupes

Created to reduce pressure around the face and ears, relieve strain in your back and neck, and allow for a more sanitary cleaning process than traditional loupe straps.

Installing a Sport Strap to Your Q-Optics Loupes

Every set of Q-Optics loupes will come with a sport strap to keep your loupes secure while wearing or allow you to use as a lanyard.

Q-Optics Cleaning Best Practices with Dr. Steve Harrel, DDS

Dr. Steve Harrel, DDS dropped by to give us a few cleaning and hygiene best practices for our loupes amidst coronavirus concerns.

Q-Optics Prism Loupes Cellerant Award Winner

Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award Winner


Quality Aspirators - Radiant Lighted Instruments

Q-Optics most popular lighted instruments available.


How to mount/remove Q-Optics Flip-Up Loupe Style

Description of proper technique to mount and dismount Q-optics Flip-Up Loupe Style. This allows you to have different frame and loupe combinations.


How to adjust Q-Optics Flip-Up Loupe Angle and Elevation

How to properly adjust your Flip-Up loupes in order to obtain the best angle of declination as well as correct line of sight.


How to install the Radiant™ LED Light to competitor loupes using the M-CO mount

Universal headlight mount for Q-Optics Radiant Headlight and any competitor loupes.


How to install the Radiant™ LED Light to Carl Zeiss optics using the M-CZ mount

Proper techniques to mount the Radiant headlight system to your Carl Zeiss loupes.


How to install the Radiant™ LED Light to a Headband using the M-HB mount

Q-Optics Radiant Headband Headlight option



Mounting the Radiant headlight to competitors TTL loupe



Mounting your Radiant Headlight to your custom Q-Optics TTL loupe.